Signature Fireworks

Mew & Gulf Wedding Display – Bangkok

Signature Fireworks have excellent contacts all around the world. We were contacted late last year by an associate in Thailand to support, design and fire a large firework display on the river of Chao Phraya River, in the centre of Bangkok.

After speaking to our associate and the clients direct, it soon became clear that this would be a challenge, as the client had many different requests, but all were very possible.  This display was a surprise as well for Mew’s partner.

Mew wanted this display to be extra special as Gulf had a passion for fireworks and always dreamed of the big display on their wedding day. They wanted the display to be themed around ‘Gulf & Mew’ and ‘Love’.

With our designer’s expertise and extraordinary designs skills they came up with a beautiful design, that captured the themes their customers wanted well. The design consisted of loads of love heart shells, specially designed ariel shells with the letters ‘M’ and ‘G’ from our manufacturers in China, Lance work with their initials. All of this with a stunning synchronised and large firework extravaganza on a barge!

After designing the show, we got the fireworks delivered over to Bangkok direct from China. This is a challenge in it’s self as normally we would prepare the fireworks before a display and ship them out, instead we would have to do everything once we get out to Thailand.

After taking the 11.5 hour flight we arrived and met our associate at the airport where he took us directly to the firework storage and harbour to check out the barge and our fireworks. After a day of well needed rest and climatization it was set up day. With such a big firework display and the complex design, we knew there was a lot to do. Our team worked relentlessly for 2 days in 33-degree heat, the set up went well loading the barge up with the equipment and fireworks. Our Thai associates did us proud with all the equipment, it was in excellent condition and as always, they looked after us really well. 

3 hours before show time and everything was ready to go, the local port authorities came to check everything was in order and started towing the barge out into the harbour. The weather conditions were perfect, and excitement started to build. Once the barge was in position, we completed our final testing and checks, everything was now good to go!

In the distance we could see the large ceremony of Mew and Gulfs wedding going ahead, with one of our crew members in their best wedding attire located at the venue to give us the all important ‘Fire’ over the wireless radios.

The whole centre of Bangkok stopped for those few moments to watch the sky light up in perfect synchronisation with glitter, love hearts and noise. As well as our low-level effect of lance work that burned into large vivid red initials. The showed built up to its large finale ending with large golden crackling crossette’s raining down into the harbour.  It was such a magical site and perfect way to end our clients display. The applause of the public and ship horns echoed around the river, with Mew & Gulf over the moon.