Signature Fireworks


Whilst the name Signature Fireworks may not be instantly recognisable to many, its parent company, Pyrotex Fireworx, is an unrivalled, multi-award-winning, international firework production company, founded in 1999.

Holding over 35 years of pyrotechnic experience, and following the international success of Pyrotex Fireworx, critically acclaimed Managing Director, Mark Kelsall, launched Signature Fireworks, with the ethos of bringing spectacular firework productions to the private industry.

Based at The Willows, in the heart of the Midlands, Signature Fireworks’ Choreography Team utilise a blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional design skills to develop awe-inspiring shows, fired around the globe. With the uniquely balanced combination of technical knowledge and highly advanced tech, Signature Fireworks challenge what is possible and pioneer a uniqueness to leave your guests speechless.

With high expectations to deliver a perfect display, Signature Fireworks have a highly competent, robustly trained Firing Team who, with their personal passions for pyrotechnics, work together to deliver shows of the highest quality and craftmanship. From the first point of communication to leaving site at the end of the display, you can be assured of absolute attention to detail and a consistent high level of service throughout.

Holding a safety record that remains unscathed, you can be sure to feel safe in the hands of Signature Fireworks; with extensive public and private insurance to the sum of £20m and employer’s liability of £10m. Prior to any display, all venues are dynamically risk-assessed, and fully-trained health and safety personnel remain onsite.