Signature Fireworks

Signature Fireworks Responsibilities

Signature Fireworks takes our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.

We source all of our fireworks from industry recognised suppliers who all have to stick to strict guidelines when producing fireworks. Our suppliers are all ethical and environmentally friendly by providing fair and reasonable working conditions for their employees’ along with recycling their waste as efficiently as possible, including using recycled materials in their products.

Signature Fireworks avoids the use of excessively loud fireworks in all our displays (unless requested otherwise) and our design team carefully selects the products that best suit the music highs and lows and tries to balance the noise levels respectively across the whole display.

For those of you that do not like loud fireworks, we are still able to design a great firework display by using our low noise products, these are very colourful and have an assortment of different, yet stunning effects and will not upset small children, neighbours, pets or livestock.

Signature also has a strict recycling policy and the majority of firework casings we select are made from cardboard, paper and clay. We try to avoid using fireworks that contain plastic units, although polythene bags are used for waterproofing where necessary. The Signature team recycles as much of the spent fireworks as practically possible, separating out the cardboard, polythene and paper into the correct waste streams.