Signature Fireworks


Aimee Peters

Aimee has been with Pyrotex for around 10 years and has heaps of experience. Working her way up the ranks from trainee to lead firer in 2 years, showing a high level of consistency and skill throughout her time with us.

Aimee is not one to shy away from doing things and isn’t afraid of getting dirt under her nails. She is happy to work in all conditions to get the show off the ground and her determination and passion are great qualities to have on any demanding site.

Q&A With Aimee

I got into fireworks through my friend Haid who then introduced me to Pyrotex and I’ve been with them ever since.

I work at my local university in Faculty Services department.

We had to improvise on a display as we had run out of wooden stakes for the product, so a quick rummage in the woods close by and we were armed with small branches and logs that did the job perfectly.

It has to be Belvoir Castle Firework Champions 2019 with Pyrotex. Where we came away winners!

Everyday with Pyrotex is awesome!

Being a key team player. And getting the job done safely.