Signature Fireworks

Senior Firer

Ashley Hudson

Ashley has been with Pyrotex since 2016 and his willingness to exceed shone through during the early years and saw him progress through the ranks up to lead firer in two years, becoming a key member of the team in the process.

Ashley was also a part of the international team in Knokke Heist bringing his desire, youth and bags of humour which kept the rest of the team morale high during their stay.

Q&A With Ashley

I’ve loved fireworks from an early age so when I saw Pyrotex were recruiting for crew I jumped at the chance and never looked back.

I currently work at a local warehouse in the logistics department.

On one display the client had requested lancework however there was a big wall in the way so we had to improvise so they could see it, so we parked the truck behind the wall and erected the lancework on the top of it.

My first international competition with Pyrotex at Knokke Heist 2016

It’s awesome, love every minute of it.

I’m a hard worker and always up for a laugh no matter how challenging the setup is.