Signature Fireworks


Dave Fradley

Dave has been with Pyrotex since 2016 and is a highly valued and recognised member of the team. Working his way up from trainee to lead firer in less than a year shows his true passion for all things pyro.

With a keen eye for detail and a huge dose of OCD thrown into the mix, Dave is often found making sure all FireOne connections are neat and tidy and if the time allows, he will loom up the excess ignitor wires so the site looks as good on the ground as it will in the sky.

Q&A With Dave

Always loved fireworks and went to many firework shows until I heard Pyrotex were recruiting for new crew members. I couldn’t believe my luck when started with them, it’s great!

I work for DHL and I get to travel the world with the Formula-E logistics team, its fantastic!

We were just about to fire a display for an LGBT couple and we got shouted at by the owner of the barn and that we must wait until all the guests were out of the barn and had got a cup of soup! They took forever and come show time we were absolutely freezing and didn’t get offered a cup!

It’s got to be Eastnor Castle for the UK’s Firework Championships 2020.

I work hard when on-site and always strive to get the job done efficiently and as safe as possible.