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International Support

Kath Wilkinson

Kath has over 40 years’ experience in fireworks. Kath and her husband Graham between them have nearly a decade of knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm. Kath has competed all over the world including, Barbados, Canada, Vietnam, South Korea, Iceland, and Falkland Islands, with numerous companies including Pyrotex.

Kath is a pleasure and joy to have on site and likes to play the role as ‘mum’. Kath and her husband Graham are the perfect couple who are rarely seen apart and were lucky to have them as part of the team.

Q&A With Kath

I got into fireworks as I used to work in the office at Standard Fireworks and fancied doing outdoor work at weekends and was able to travel all over the country to wonderful Stately Homes and other venues.

I am now full-time in fireworks and work with my husband in our own firework display company.

The strangest experience I have had on a firework display was when I was checking the racks after we had fired the display for the Sultan of Oman’s Army Day and an armed guard was stood over me.

My favourite experience would be when I fired a mystery 8″ shell on a Golf Course for a famous Golfer’s Wedding and it turned out to be a twinkling kamuro.

Pyrotex is an exciting company to work with as there are always lots of challenges and we work to exacting standards.

I would say my key strengths when working on-site are my attention to detail, tenacity to keep going, not afraid of hard work and long hours, and the ability to work in extreme heat.