Signature Fireworks

Senior Firer

Keegan Matthews

Keegan is one of our youngest members of the Pyrotex team but has picked up some valuable experience working along side our most senior firers. During his time with Pyrotex he has quickly become a well-respected member of the team and is happy to get stuck in where possible, showing genuine passion for all things pyro.

With his energy, enthusiasm and humour, Keegan is a great asset to have on any display site, and all the team equally enjoy working alongside him, just don’t talk about football!

Q&A With Keegan

I have always been intrigued by fireworks and whenever there has been a local display that has been available for public viewing, I have been there. My girlfriends brother explained to me about the possibility of working for Pyrotex Fireworx and I jumped at the chance. From the first show I ever did up until now, I am amazed by the different effects, colours and sounds of all the fireworks we work with.

Yes- my current role is a residential support worker

I have had to keep an eye on a deer that was close to a site when setting up a show for a big named client. Safe to say, the deer ran away when the show started.

Being part of the winning team for the fireworks championship 2019 at Belvoir castle. This show was a UK competition and was shown in front of a crowd of around 6,000 people. This competition was voted for by the members of the public and I was proud to be part of the winning team.

A great laugh, always great to catch up with crew members you haven’t seen for a while and I consider all the crew as a second family.

Teamwork. Traveling around the country can be draining in any job, but I always understand that myself and the crew I am on the show with are “in the same boat” so after the show it is important to make the site safe for myself, the crew and the clients.