Signature Fireworks


Martin Darke

Martin has over 25 years’ worth of experience in every aspect within the company. Martin progressed quickly through the various levels at Pyrotex and soon became a Lead Firer. This was not enough for him, so he became more involved in preparing fireworks and helping at the fusing shed and preparing our international shows.

Martin is a great person to be on site and is very quick and efficient at what he does. Want something doing quickly, just ask Martin!

Q&A With Martin

Since I lit my first firework at the age of 4 the spark was lit inside me and after doing many garden displays that grew to professional size, I then got offered a job with another pyrotechnics company as an operator.

I currently run my own pyrotechnics business.

The craziest moment was in July 2007, working on a show when the firing site took a direct lightning strike!

I would say my first professional design for a show, that was for the Queens Golden Jubilee. i have also been lucky enough to work with Pirotechnia Caballer on a Valencian Mascleta, Pyrotex Firewox on there international competition show in Poland and finally set a new World Record with Grucci Fireworks.

Heavenly and like walking on air, every day should be a Pyrotex day.

Getting the job done safely and professionally and on time. The true on-site strengths are a team effort where we all bounce positively off each other no matter what challenges are thrown at us.