Signature Fireworks

Logistics Manager

Mel Sykes

Mel lives and breathes for fireworks!! His passion is second to none and with over 20 years’ worth of experience his knowledge is unbelievable. Mel is also part of Pyrotex’s International team, competing in the Philippines and Vietnam.

You can always rely on Mel to bring a good sense of fun onto site and bring the moral of the team up. His eye for detail is unbelievable and a highly respected member of the team.

Q&A With Mel

Doing a display at my Cricket Club. Ended up get 3/4000 people there before starting to crew for the professionals.

Whilst doing a display at my cricket club, one of the firers had fallen and sprained his ankle during the display so we had to use a wheelbarrow to help him out of the fireworks site. It was hilarious!

I’m a grafter and a good laugh to be around and getting the job in hand done safely and on time.