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Peter Thorley

Peter started his collaboration with Pyrotex back in 2013 when we crossed paths at the Southport Musical Fireworks competition. It was inhabitable from the outset that we had a lot in common, not only within the business but also having a passion for Fireworks!

Over the years Peter had not only become a valuable asset to the company but also a great friend.

Starting his own Import company for professional fireworks in 2015 ( Pro Fusion ) he concentrated on bringing in some of the best quality firework material this country has ever seen.

On that basis Pyrotex sourced most of its products from Pro Fusion and continued for many years.

Peter was also a key part of our display team traveling the globe on international duties.

He spent most of his last years in Asia developing new products and overseeing shows in Thailand. Sadly Peter passed away in February 2019. He will always be remembered for his great sense of humour, an honest approach, and dedicated commitments to the company. And will always be missed.

Q&A With Peter

As most firework people, I got into them from an early age doing small displays in my back garden as a child which grew into a passion to then owning my own fireworks business.

I run my own fireworks business importing fireworks from China to the UK so its pretty much fireworks all day every day.

The strangest thing on a display was in Danang 2017 with Pyrotex, we were de-rigging the show and we ended up drafting the local army lads in to help ! They were great lads and hard workers too.

I’ve had many but my favourite experience has got to be Danang 2017 with Pyrotex. It was brilliant, just everything about it, the food, the people, the crew, the fireworks, and the nightlife was fantastic.

Hard work at times but as always, everyone pulls together and gets the job done.

My key strengths on-site are definitely the single-shot pods, I may take longer than others to do them but they are always perfect!