Signature Fireworks

Operations Manager / Designer

Scott Machin

Scott started with Pyrotex back in 2014 as one of our firers. Scott quickly showed passion and flare and his ability to pick the trade up. Scott joined Pyrotex full time as Operations Manager in 2016, He deals with the day to day running of Pyrotex and liaises with clients.

Scott has been a key part of our international team competing in, Knokke Heist, Poland, Hannover, Danang, Courchevel and Saint Tropez.

Recently Scott has started designing his own shows for competitions where he won the British Firework Championship at Belvior Castle.

Q&A With Scott

Always loved fireworks as a child and will never forget the first time I went into the local firework shop with my dad! Then getting to set off what we had bought in the garden that evening. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Inflatable dancing horses that were lit up! Absolutely bizarre. You had to be there to believe it!

Knokke Heist 2016. My first international firework competition with Pyrotex. An experience I’ll never forget!

Living the dream and all the team are like a second family to me.

I’m a good team player, I’m a laugh to be with, I work hard and I’m generally an all round nice guy 🙂