Signature Fireworks

Senior Firer

Stuart Timmins

Stu is a highly experienced Pyrotechnician with over 30 years in the industry. There is not many places Stu has not been doing firework displays. Firing shows across the world including Dubai, Germany, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia! He really is our global megastar!

Stu’s knowledge in the firework industry is mind blowing, give him a reason to do a firework display and he is there.

Q&A With Stuart

I did not choose fireworks, they chose me. It’s an art form like no other. It combines emotion, colour, noise, synchronicity, occasionally music, excitement, and danger. To quote someone else: “A pyro technician is an artist combining 5 elements, the talent of an artist, the hand of a sculptor, the eye of a painter, the heart of a poet and the courage of a warrior”

Fireworks are my passion, my life. Outside of fireworks, I have and manage various businesses

In an industry that is constantly pushing the boundaries, nothing is considered strange. If I had to choose one, I guess it would be to Blow Up a clients Range Rover!

Working with Pyrotex is a breeze. Like minded professionals with a passion to be the best.

Key Strengths have to be leadership and looking good!