Signature Fireworks


  • From £25,000
  • Up to 9 Minutes
  • Up to 27 Firing Stations
  • Fully Customisable
  • Designed By Champions
  • Firework Themed
  • Close Proximity Effects

Firing stations, also known as seats or positions are where fireworks are set up and fired from. The more firing sites there are the more symmetrical the display will look. Some shows could use as little as 3 or 4 firing stations and more higher-end displays may use over 100.

European fireworks are amongst the best in the world and stand out due to their components, producing amazing effects, colour, and noise. Signature purchases the best fireworks from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Malta to ensure absolute quality.

European fireworks only tend to be used in higher-end shows as the cost is often ten times more than purchasing from China.

Close proximity fireworks are manufactured pyrotechnic devices designed for use near performers, spectators, and sensitive environments.

Close proximity fireworks are perfect for close-up experiences.  They work side-by-side with professional fireworks to create a three-dimensional production.

Firework shows and displays can be designed to a specific theme to match the colour, style, and intensity of the event.  We have themed displays to match The X Factor, The Greatest Showman, and Bohemian Rhapsody.  We can compliment any event with a dramatic firework display to a client’s chosen theme.

A fully choreographed show only uses single-shot material, which means that every shot has its own igniter (electronic match). This makes the display completely synchronized.

These types of shows sometimes use hundreds of computer modules to produce the perfect show.

A semi-choreographed show will also use single-shot products but also in conjunction with multi-shot items that only require one ignition, but can function for up to 30 secs with no control or timing on the display.

A fully choreographed show may not use any more fireworks than a semi choreographed show but will certainly take more time to design and prepare.

Discover an extraordinary design collaboration between benefactor and craftsperson, that results in a truly exceptional creation. Our Sublime – Fully Choreographed is an all-inclusive package for those who seek poise and precision. This is a display that has award-winning heritage, this is a display that will leave you and your guests astounded.

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